Stephen L. Harris

Stephen L. Harris graduated from Florida State University and the University of Utah with, respectively, undergraduate and Master’s Degrees in Business Management and Business Administration. Following graduation, he was commissioned in the US Air Force and served in areas of strategic ballistic missile plans and operations, command and program management, and international arms control policy development and negotiations.

Following military retirement he joined the General Dynamics Corporation and developed arms control policies and implementation procedures for the Departments of Defense and Energy. Of particular interest was his work in assisting various programs to determining how to protect sensitive assets that were subject to inspection under various arms control inspection regimes.

Subsequently, Mr. Harris became the lead contractor supporting Project WorldTech, the technology targeting assessment program for the Defense Intelligence Agency. His group developed the protocol that was ultimately used to identify threats to critical defense technologies, and help protect them from unwanted foreign disclosure. The WorldTech program ultimately provided assessment services to a variety of government agencies including the Department of Energy’s national laboratories, the NASA Advanced Programs Office, FBI National Infrastructure Protection Program, and the military services’ weapons acquisition programs.

Mr. Harris has over 35 years of experience managing highly classified defense-related programs and systems.