Roger White

Roger White graduated from Baker University with a Bachelor’s degree in Physics after completing four years in Naval aviation antisubmarine warfare. After a short period at the Naval Research Laboratory, he accepted a position with the Central Intelligence Agency.

Mr. White’s 26 years with CIA began with a tour at a foreign Signals Intelligence collection site where he performed intercept and analysis of emanations from foreign weapon systems and instructed local service intelligence trainees in the basics of electronics and SIGINT. Upon completing that tour, he moved into the Directorate of Intelligence as a weapon system analyst. The ensuing years saw the breadth of systems analyzed increased as well as Mr. White’s level of responsibilities.

Advancement into management of analytical efforts progressed into leadership of a large, operationally active division with several branches consisting of project management engineers, electronic engineers and operations officers, analysts and support officers. In this position Mr. White established new collection initiatives, initiated large system upgrade programs and led major intelligence collection activities. He also was responsible for day-to-day management of large development activities, complex overseas operations, politically sensitive liaison activities, unique financial operations, and normal management activities of recruiting, developing and counseling employees.

As a final step in his CIA career, Mr. White established a new business area into division level activity during which he was promoted to the Senior Intelligence Service.  He wrote and sold the charter for the new activity, recruited staff, obtained budget, established procedures, and initiated several large multi-million dollar development programs that required establishing close working relationships with customers.

His efforts with intelligence collection and analysis continued after retirement to CIA and several companies in the Defense Industry.

Other post retirement activities include providing analytical, administrative and security assistance to many US Embassies and Consulates.