Robert W. Hoffman

Robert W. Hoffman graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a degree in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science, and completed graduate work at the University of Southern California. He was a staff member at the MIT Media Laboratory both before and after graduation.

Mr. Hoffman was employed by the Polaroid Corporation where he designed electronic imaging systems when film was the primary medium. Later, he was employed by the Defense Intelligence Agency as a senior analyst working on the Socrates and WorldTech programs that were established to identify and protect critical defense technologies. During this time he developed a unique database system that weighted and ranked technologies hierarchically according to their critical elements, foreign requirements, and international availability.

Most recently, Mr. Hoffman has been employed by several contractors in the Washington, DC, area that offer specialized support in areas of engineering design and project management to companies engaged in both government and commercial programs.

His areas of expertise include analog and digital software, optical sensors and related systems, and advanced materials.

He is currently engaged with NASA on several systems engineering programs. These include both ground system and space system hardware and software for the NASA Ground Network, as well as the TDRSS, JPSS, and UARS programs.

Mr. Hoffman is a skilled researcher with a comprehensive practical background in technology from component-level to enterprise-scale systems. In addition to theoretical and analytical efforts, he is a skilled machinist and capable of product development from CAD to the commercial product.