Paul Murad

Paul Murad has over 25 years of public service as a senior technology analyst for the Defense Intelligence Agency preparing high-level assessments of foreign technical capabilities, as well as defining technical assets and designing US satellite systems for the next 20 years. These activities also included supporting other agencies such as the FBI and Homeland Security. Specific activities involved working with the National Aerospace Plane project, supporting Navy projects on advanced future jet turbine engines, and identifying threats to support SDI.

Mr. Murad has directed several senior-level conferences at DIA including the STIC, First High Frequency Gravity Wave Meeting in 2003, as well as five STAIF Conferences covering new propulsion technology, energy devices and communications issues.

With 18 years in the private sector service, he has gained a considerable knowledge of American technology capability with numerous aerospace corporations. Mr. Murad also held an executive position with Bendix and AAI Corporations. His experiences there involved several state-of-the-art programs ranging from Apollo, NERVA Nuclear Rocket Engine, Space Shuttle, Navy High Energy Laser project, and numerous tactical and strategic missile/reentry vehicle systems.

With the US Army, Mr. Murad served in the Dominican Republic, and while at DIA provided technical support to the Defense Department’s involvement in the wars in Iraq, Serbia, and Afghanistan.

Mr. Murad is currently the CEO of Morningstar Applied Physics, LLC, and is heavily involved with state-of-the-art technologies associated with space propulsion, weather, fuel cells, and developing a hybrid fission/fusion nuclear reactor.

He has over 75 technical publications, and is an Associate Fellow in the AIAA.