Lee B. Pleiman

Lee B. Pleiman graduated from the University of Dayton, Ohio, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, and from Washington State University with a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. Mr. Pleiman pursued further studies at the National Defense University, Harvard University, as well as obtaining a second Master’s Degree in Business Administration at the George Washington University.

Mr. Pleiman enjoyed a proven, 27-year record with the Central Intelligence Agency in senior positions managing technical and operational programs with emphasis upon analytic technology, communication intercept equipment development, marketing, and strategic planning. He was responsible for planning, funding, and executing complex programs involving hundreds of people and multimillion-dollar budgets, developing and applying state-of-the-art technology.

More specifically, Mr. Pleiman acquired Congressional funding for two major program developments, initiated and directed five major communication equipment intercept programs, directed the acquisition of a specialized 80,000 square-foot engineering laboratory, and developed and instituted several unique collection strategies for the Agency.

As a Senior Intelligence Officer, Mr. Pleiman maintained positions as chief of a signal processing division, was the missions director of a joint overseas technical program analyzing foreign weapon systems, participated in the preparation of the President’s Daily Brief, provided input to the ABM Treaty protocols, was directly involved with Over Flight Weapon Threat Analysis, and managed several clandestine and covert technical operations.

Mr. Pleiman was also the CIA representative to the Interagency Overhead Reconnaissance Intelligence Committee as well as the National Defense University.

He retired from the Agency as a Senior Intelligence Officer, SIS-III.