Lawrence B. Swim

After graduating from the University of Maryland, Lawrence B. Swim completed training at the US Naval Aviation and Naval Intelligence Schools.

A tour as a pilot with a photoreconnaissance squadron led to a career with the Central Intelligence Agency where he served as a senior analyst in the Office of Science and Weapons Research. As the S&T member of the CIA’s National Intelligence Daily staff he provided input to the exclusive President’s Daily Brief.

After 20 years of service with the CIA, Mr. Swim was employed as a consultant to the Los Alamos National Laboratory supporting an advanced defense technology program for the Defense Intelligence Agency. These efforts lead to his subsequent employment as a Senior Intelligence Officer with DIA. This work was key to supporting the successful development and continued operation of the agency’s program to protect this country’s most critical defense technology assets.

After retirement from DIA, Mr. Swim continues to work as an expert in issues involving critical technology protection.