James W. Dearlove

James W. Dearlove graduated from Norwich and Pittsburg State Universities with undergraduate and graduate degrees in electrical engineering and physics. After graduation he entered the US Army where he spent 20 years in Field Artillery with added career broadening in acquisition and research and development.

Mr. Dearlove joined the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Science & Technology Intelligence element as the primary agency point of contact for the technology transfer effort. As understanding of the importance of technology transfer evolved and government response developed, Mr. Dearlove was given increasingly more responsible positions in the intelligence community. He chaired the community Committee on Exchanges for ten years. This committee was the sole element in the United States that provided technology risk assessments for access to the US Technology Base by Soviet and Warsaw Pact visitors and exchange programs.

With the end of the Cold War in the early 1990s, the intelligence community was reorganized. This required reevaluation of the Scientific and Technical Intelligence missions, and Mr. Dearlove was a Senior Intelligence Officer with responsibility for providing expertise in this endeavor. He focused the agency technology transfer effort and expanded and developed technology risk assessment efforts within the S&TI elements. Working within the organization, he helped support strengthening of agency support to acquisition and inclusion of the S&TI aspect in agency analysis.

Mr. Dearlove was assigned to the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence where his portfolio was intelligence support to acquisition. He retired from this position in 2014. Mr. Dearlove was awarded the Defense Intelligence Agency Director’s Award for Exceptional Civilian Service and the National Intelligence Medal of Achievement for Exceptional Service.