The Reston Assessment Group
a division within CommIT Enterprises, Inc., structured to provide
a unique and more comprehensive risk-based assessment resource
for the defense and commercial communities

The Reston Group brings more than 200 years of combined federal and corporate experience specializing in producing a wide variety of risk assessments to better service domestic and foreign corporate acquisition efforts, and to help protect strategic U.S. corporate assets. Operating in a discovery-versus-search environment, the Reston Group can provide you the necessary support expertise to:

  • Facilitate the acquisition efforts of both domestic and foreign corporate interests.
  • Help mitigate the potential risks of unwanted technology transfer.
  • Better determine the requirements needed to establish reliable joint   ventures, and to strengthen foreign offset negotiations.


To provide timely, comprehensive, and accurate risk-based assessments for both our government and commercial clients.


The Reston Assessment Group welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate how our unique market and intelligence assessment capabilities can help:

  • Provide risk assessments for more comprehensive corporate acquisition processes.
  • Provide accuracy and consistency for market-based decision making.
  • Bring unique analytical processes to bear on a wide variety of critical corporate
    issues including the implications of technology surprise.
William M. Hoffer, President
CommIT Enterprises, Inc.
115 North Lee Street, Unit 201
Alexandria, VA 22314
John H. Stevens,  Principal
Reston Assessment Group
PO Box 3132
Reston, VA 20195

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